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Advance International Corp(AIC) locates in Hefei, which is the capital of Anhui Province and well known

for its scientific research, technology development as well as advanced education. Its factory is in the west

of Yangtze River Delta Zone with plenty of world-class manufacturing industries; and it takes merely 3

hours by train to the famous port – Shanghai.With 7 holding subsidiaries including a design institute,

Advance International Corp(AIC) mainly concentrates its production and services on Pressure Vessels and

Containers (Class I, II, III),Chemical Producing Machineries and Facilities, Packaging and Printing Machines

and Lines, Non-patented Fine Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals,Rubber and Plastic Disposables, Medical

Devices of Class I, Building Materials, Customized Circuit Board, Food and Native Products, Home

Commodities, Clothing, Industrial Project Design, and Contract Projects of Abroad Construction.

Advance International Corp

Advance International Corp(AIC) consistently treasures its established business integrity and professional

background, which are still contributing to its leading position in the field of chemical machineries,

building materials, working protection tools, medical and healthcare items and foodstuff related products.

Starting from existing strength in R&D, manufacturing and global distribution experiences,With 18

production lines, our company has orders from America, Canada, Australia, France, Spain, Germany,

the UK, Japan, Russia, Israel, and SouthAfrica.We adopt HDPE and LDPE resin materials imported from

Japan for top quality. Hence, our company enjoys a high reputation in overseas markets.Constantly

developing innovative products, we satisfy our customers with high quality products, good service,

prompt delivery and competitive price. Thus, our company has good relations with our current

clients.Advance International Corp(AIC) will go further to extend its advantages and grow up to be a top

supplier of comprehensive products and services. As a group of global-oriented enterprises, Advance

International Corp (AIC) always holds that integrity and industriousness create excellence, and it will

continue to supply high quality products and offer best services to the worldwide customers.


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