1.Standard Seal MDPE 95kpa Bag For specimen solution

  • Waterproof: Made of 100% LDPE, the surface is waterproof.
  • 95kpa standard: This series of products received 95KPa pressure and leakage test in the temperature range of -40 ° C to +50 ° C. It won’t break if there is no human damage.
  • Package: The full package includes packing carton, foam insulation box, ice pack, etc.
  • Absorbent paper: There is absorbent paper in the specimen bag. If the specimen solution leaks out due to human reasons or force majeure factors, the absorbent paper can quickly absorb the contaminants and prevent the contaminants from spreading.
  • Tightness: These pressure bags are made with a custom film structure that features a strong adhesive closure and continuous seal, which makes it ideal for critical liquid and substance containment. The permanent adhesive closure withstands a temperature range of -40⁰C up to +55⁰C (-40⁰F up to +130⁰F).

2.ai 95kPa 5.9*9.5inch Transparent Specimen Bag With Inside Paperwork Pouch For Air Transport Packaging Biological CRO Supplies Refrigerated Box Package

  • Material: These biohazard specimen bags are made from high quality PE plastic material. clear and durable
  • Reusable : Sealing belt is reusable, you can easily open and seal the bag. If you don’t want to reuse, after use it you can use the removable seal rip to open.
  • Versatile and multi-functional : This 4-hole bag is designed to collect liquids or solids in a safe and reliable way at home or in professional facilities such as doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals
  • Separate Packaging : Each sample is packed in a separately sealed sterile bag to ensure that the sample is clean, sterile and safe to use
  • High quality :It will not be damaged except for human factors.


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