95kpa bag

U3373 biological sample transport bag

U3373 biological sample transport bag, also commonly known as 95kPa biosafety transport bag (UN3373), is a professional packaging container specially designed for storing and transporting infectious biological samples. The following is a detailed introduction to this transport bag:

1.Basic Overview

Name: 95kPa Biosafety Transport Bag (UN3373)
Specifications: Extra large specifications, such as 600X310mm
Manufacturer: Advance International Corp.
Main use: For storage and transportation of Class B (UN3373) infectious specimens

2.Product characteristics

Material: Made of clean polyethylene (or composite PET, PA) film material with a tight seal.
Pressure bearing capacity: Can withstand an internal pressure of 95KPa in the temperature range of -40 to +55°C without leakage.
Safety: With the “Biohazard” sign, ensure that there is no risk of leakage and tampering during the transfer of samples.
Manufacturing standards: manufactured in accordance with ADR6.2 biohazard standards, in compliance with PI650 and PI620 standards, as well as relevant regulations such as ICAO Doc9284 AN/905, “Technical Specifications for the Safe Air Transport of Dangerous Goods”, and the 56th edition of the “IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations”.

3.Usage scenarios

Medical diagnosis: used for samples collected during medical diagnosis, such as blood, tissues, excrement, etc.
Clinical trials: used to store and transport biological samples collected from subjects in clinical trials.
Research applications: used to safely transfer and handle potentially infectious substances in biomedical research.

4.Usage methods

Open: pull open the dotted seal above the sampling bag, and pull the pull strips on both sides of the opening outward to open the sampling bag.
Place samples: Place test tubes, centrifuge tubes, blood collection tubes, etc. containing biological samples into the bag.
Seal: Use a sealing strip to seal the bag opening to ensure that the sample does not leak during transportation.


The total supply is usually large, such as Advance International Corp. The total supply can reach 100,000.
Delivery: The place of delivery is usually in Hefei China,and the delivery period is within 25 days.


U3373 biological sample transport bag is a high-quality, high-security professional packaging container, widely used in medical, scientific research and other fields. Its excellent pressure bearing capacity, strict sealing design and manufacturing specifications that meet international standards ensure the safety and stability of infectious biological samples during storage and transportation. At the same time, reasonable prices and sufficient supply also meet the needs of different users.


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