Biosafety transport box – transportation of AB class biological samples

Class A

Infectious substances, when exposed, can cause disability, life-threatening or fatal diseases in humans or

animals. Among them, infectious substances that can cause diseases in humans or animals are classified

as UN2814. Infectious substances that only cause animal disease are classified as UN2900 and

corresponding to the use of Class A biosafety transport boxes.

Class B

Infectious substances that do not meet Class A standards are classified under UN3373, and their

transportation names are generally “diagnostic samples” or “clinical samples”, corresponding to the use of

Class B biosafety transport boxes or sample collection boxes.

Whether it is a Class A biosafety transport box or a Class B biosafety transport box, the container and

packaging materials should meet the requirements of “three prevention and two resistance”. “Three

protections” refer to waterproofing, leakage prevention, and damage prevention, while “two protections”

refer to the ability to withstand an internal pressure of 95kPa within the temperature range of -40 ℃

to+55 ℃ without leakage.

Generally speaking, there is a clear label on the biosafety box, indicating whether it is an A-class biosafety

transport box or a B-class biosafety transport box, which looks clear at a glance.

Biosafety transport box

Applicable scope:

Can be used for biological products that require physical insulation, such as UN2814, UN2900, UN3373 biological specimens, pathogenic microorganisms (viruses), blood, and other transportation.

Processing technology:

Blowing and injection molding process, with a smooth and burr free surface.
Freezing characteristics:

When frozen into a solid, the maximum thickness of the cold source shall not exceed 15% of the thickness when not frozen.
Ice source material:

Polymer absorbent resin acrylic polymer efficient cold source, sturdy, safe, and non irritating to the skin.

Insulation duration:

Below the external temperature of+43 ° C, the temperature inside the box can be maintained at 2-8 ° C for 24 hours.


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