Correct selection of vacuum negative pressure blood collection vessels and precautions for blood collection

Vacuum negative pressure blood collection vessel is a container that uses the principle of negative pressure to collect blood. It has the characteristics of accurate blood collection, good separation effect of serum/plasma, and the ability to collect multiple blood samples with one needle. It is the best choice in clinical practice to replace disposable syringes for collecting blood samples. There are many types of vacuum blood collection vessels, and the additives inside are also different. Choosing the correct blood collection vessel and the correct blood collection sequence are the prerequisites to ensure the accuracy of the test results.
Types of vacuum negative pressure blood collection vessels

  1. EDTA anticoagulant tube (purple cap tube)
  2. Serum separation tube (yellow hat tube)
  3. Additive free tube (red cap tube)
  4. Sterile coagulation promoting tube (red cap tube)
  5. Coagulation test tube (blue cap tube)
  6. ESR test tube (black hat tube)
  7. Heparin anticoagulant tube (green hat tube)



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