95kpa bag

The 95kPa biological sample transport bags exhibit various differences in terms of their design and usage, primarily in material composition, performance capabilities, intended purposes, and adherence to standards. Here is a detailed analysis of these differences:

Material and Construction

  • Material: The 95kPa biological sample transport bags are typically constructed from special high-transparency and high-strength materials such as Micro-Tex® polyethylene. This material offers excellent compression resistance while ensuring the safety of samples during transportation.
  • Construction: The bags feature a special high-adhesion sealing design to prevent any leakage or tampering during sample transfer. Some products also come with pre-installed absorbent pads to enhance water absorption and safety.

Performance Characteristics

  • Compression Resistance: The 95kPa biological sample transport bags can withstand a compression pressure of up to 95kPa, ensuring stability of samples during transportation.
  • Airtightness: Made from special materials, they exhibit strong airtightness, suitable for transporting potentially hazardous biological samples to prevent contamination or leakage during transit.
  • Temperature Range: The sealing adhesive can withstand a wide temperature range, typically from -40°C to +55°C, catering to the transportation needs of samples under various environmental conditions.

Purposes and Applications

  • Purposes: The 95kPa biological sample transport bags are ideal for transferring tubes, bottles, containers, or potentially hazardous samples to laboratories. They are widely used in biomedical research, scientific experiments, disease prevention and control, among others.
  • Applications: Suitable for the road and air transportation of UN3373 category biological samples, pathogenic microorganisms, blood, vaccines, etc. They comply with various international and domestic standards and regulations regarding biological sample transportation.

Compliance with Standards and Certifications

  • International Standards: Comply with the 2001-02 International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) “Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air” and the DOT 49 CFR §173.196(f) segment as specified.
  • Domestic Standards: Some products are developed and produced according to domestic regulations and standards such as the “Regulations on the Biosafety Management of Pathogenic Microbiological Laboratories” and the “Regulations on the Transport of Highly Pathogenic Microbiological Agents (Toxins) or Samples That Can Infect Humans.” They have also passed tests conducted by nationally designated packaging testing laboratories.

Other Differences

  • Sizes and Specifications: It is available in various sizes and specifications to accommodate different samples and transportation methods. All sizes come with a rear document pocket for convenient record-keeping and tracking of sample transportation information.
  • Brands and Manufacturers: Multiple brands and manufacturers produce 95kPa biological sample transport bags, which may differ in product design, performance, pricing, etc. Therefore, comprehensive consideration is necessary when selecting products based on actual needs.


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